Wenbo Guo

Assistant professor and Zhu Chair

CS@UC Santa Barbara
E-mail: henrygwb@ucsb.edu
Office: 2163 Harold Frank Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106


Papers / Students / Teaching & Service

Short bio: I am an assistant professor and Zhu Chair at UCSB CS. I completed my Postdoc at UC Berkeley as part the BAIR Lab, under the mentorship of Prof. Dawn Song. I received my Ph.D. from Penn State with Prof. Xinyu Xing and my master's degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In my spare time, I also play CTFs with Shellphish.

Research Interests

My research interests center around the intersection of trustworthy machine learning and ML for computer security. My recent research includes designing foundation models and DRL-facilitated vulnerability analysis and mitigation tools, as well as improving the explainability and robustness of foundation models and DRL.

Honors and Awards


To prospective students

I am actively recruiting Ph.D. students. If you have a solid background in foundation models, DRL, or software security skills (static analysis, fuzzing, symbolic execution) and are interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to contact me through email.

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